Machine write up: Applications: ‘TRANSWIND’ Foil winding machines are designed & built to wind a wide variety of LV Coils for Transformers using copper or aluminium foils. The machine can wind 1 or 2 or up to 3 foils. Our machines are capable of handling large foil cross sections with high winding tensions, and are designed to wind round, rectangular& oval shaped coils in a single coil or a 2 coil tandem configuration. An advanced PLC based controller, governs the motor drives, featuring ‘best in the industry’ hardware & a robust




Control Panel & HMI:

• Control panel positioned Front of coil winder.
• Handy/ Flexible Movement.
• User Friendly software
• Touch Screen Panel (HMI).


Head stock:

• Consists Robust Welded Structure
• Driven by VFD controlled AC induction Motor and Gearbox
• Along with Flange mounting, inbuilt Break Encoder and Forced cooling system.


Tail stock:

• Heavy duty tailstock will be provided with
locating cup/cone along with
(pneumatically actuated) swivel movement.
• Facilitate easy loading and unloading of the foil rolls.
• It supports & ensures the perfect alignment of the mandrel shaft.


Foil Edge Burr Remover:

• This edge burr remover will be mounted
on Guide rails with two adjustable rollers
on either sides to optimize the Burr
flattening with adjustable lateral
movement of adjusting unit along with one
end fixed position based on foil position.


Foil Cutter:

• Customized with High strength Circular shearing cutter.
• Rigid for both Aluminium and Copper foils.
• The movement is achieved by
VFD controlled induction and gearbox
coupled to a ball screw & LM block set.
• Pre-programmed position


Foil Feeder Unit:

• Foil feeding is achieved by a VFD controlled
induction motor & gearbox pneumatically
operated press rollers.
• Used to feed foil from de-coiler to mandrel
position during initial stage of foil setting and
after foil cutting at cycle end.


Sensor Unit For Foil Alignment:

• This unit features Forked Sensors mounted on
manually adjustable lead-screw arrangement with
measuring counters.
• The position of the sensors can be fine adjusted
to help of counters & locked in position.


Inter-foil Insulation Paper De-reeler:

• Insulation Paper Rolls are mounted on to &
gripped with the help of Air-Shafts.
• Tension on Insulation Paper is achieved by a
VFD controlled induction motor & gearbox.
• Paper Tension is programmable through HMI.
• Unit can be easily moved out of the machine
centre stand for easy loading of paper rolls.


Insulation Paper Guide Roller &
Gripping Unit:

• The Insulation Paper Guide Roller & Gripping Unit is
• This unit achieves effective guiding as well as gripping of
the insulation paper during the cutting process in last
turn of the winding, while the paper is still under
• Paper gripping is Pneumatic.


CPR Unit:

• These rubberized rollers driven by pneumatic
cylinders are used for holding the wound coil
during cutting the foil and welding process.
• These pressurized rollers will help to achieve
the shape of coil.
• Dual Pressure Roller System will be provided
from the Bottom Side of the Coil with a
Pivoting Head which allows the roller to
change the angle and apply pressure on the
corners for better tension and tight winding.
• Pre-programmed position


Tig Welding Unit:

• The Machine features a very high end TIG
Welding Unit in-order to achieve the welding
the foil to the bus bar.
• Foil is held on to the Bus Bar with the help of
a pneumatic gripping system.
• Speed Programmable Welding Gun travel is
achieved with the help of a VFD controlled
induction motor & gearbox.
• The Welding torch position & Angle of the
Torch is variable in X & Y Axis with graduated
markings for repeatability.


Foil De-coiler Unit:

• The foil de-coiler is hydraulically operated collapsible type.
• Asynchronous geared motor driven to achieve
maximum line tension through main winding motor.
• The foil can be loaded with the help of
moving/Jib crane or through hydraulically
operated coil loaders.
• Pneumatically operated Tail Stock will
support from opposite side to avoid
overhang of the foil roll.
• The whole system will be mounted on
Precision guide ways with AC servo geared
motor and ball screw driven for precision foil
edge alignment control.


Edge Strip Unit:

• The edge strip paper is used for the end
insulation of the coil.
• Contains 3/4 Insulation Paper insulation
shafts on each side with the guiding and
manual tensioning unit and can be adjusted
as per the coil width with the help of screw
rod mechanism.
• Both left and right side are independent.


Collapsible Mandrel:

• The Mandrel is manually operated collapsible
• It is custom designed as per customer

Product Images

Lv foil winding machines

Foil Width 300 – 1600mm
Foil Thickness (AL) 0.2 to 3.2mm
Foil Thickness (CU) 0.2 to 2mm
No of Decoilers 1 – 2
Diameter of Decoilers 300mm-400mm/400mm-500mm
TIG Welding/ Cold Pressure Welding For more than 1 Foil CPW and for single foil TIG welding
Winding Speed 15 RPM (Max)
No of Insulation 1 – 2
End-fill Strip 10 to 30mm
Weld Lead out Connection TIG/ Cold Pressure Welding
Web Edge Aligner Foil Tension Auto Web Tension

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